Memory Improvement Training Courses & Workshops in Singapore

Memory Training Courses & Workshops in Singapore

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Memory Training Courses SingaporePinnacle Minds is a memory improvement training company in Singapore. We deliver memory training courses to both schools and corporate organisations in Singapore. Pinnacle Minds was founded in 2011 and ever since then, we have been working with the best companies in Singapore to design, develop and deliver memory improvement workshops. We can conduct our famous memory improvement training courses both in-house or at an external training venue. All of our memory training programs can be contextualised to be in line with your participant’s needs. For more information on our memory improvement courses, contact us at +65 6871 4803 or email:

Our Corporate Courses

We have a wide variety of memory improvement training courses for corporate professionals. We can run individual memory training courses as well as in-house courses for organisations. Browse our selection of memory workshops below:

  1. Memory Improvement Lunch Time Talks (60 to 90 Mins)
  2. Half-Day Memory Training Workshop (3 – 4 hours)
  3. One Full Day Memory Improvement Course (8 hours)
  4. Two Full Day Memory Training Workshop (16 hours)
  5. Memory Training Teambuilding Activities (2- 4 hours)

Student Memory Improvement Courses

Students have to learn memory improvement techniques. It is disappointing that schools teach our kids how to read and write but not memorise. As a result most students go through their school lives without this essential skill.

  1. Lower Primary Memory Improvement Course (Primary 1 to Primary 3)
  2. Upper Primary Memory Improvement Course (Primary 4 to Primary 6)
  3. PSLE Specialised Memory Improvement Training Workshop (PSLE Students)
  4. Secondary School Memory Improvement Training Course (Secondary 1 to 5)
  5. O Level Specialised Memory Improvement Training Workshop (O Level Students)
  6. Junior College Students Memory Training Workshop (JC1 & JC2)
  7. A Level Specialised Memory Improvement Training Course (A Level Students)
  8. ITE Students Memory Improvement Training Workshop
  9. Polytechnic Students Memory Improvement Training Workshop(Poly Students)
  10. University, Undergraduate Students Memory Improvement Training Course
  11. University, Postgraduate Students Memory Training Workshop

Student Study & Exam Skills Workshops

Being a good student does not mean just showing up for school, taking notes, reading books, and studying hard. Studying and learning involves a complex set of skills that requires appropriate techniques to be fully effective. Our 2-day courses will cover those techniques.

  1. Study Skills & Exam Skill Workshop For Lower Primary Students (Primary 1 to 3)
  2. Study Skills & Exam Skill Workshop For Upper Primary Students (Primary 4 to 6)
  3. Specialised Study Skills & Exam Skill Workshop For PSLE Students (Primary 5 & 6)
  4. Study Skills & Exam Skill Workshop For Secondary School Students (Secondary 1 to 5)
  5. Specialised Study Skills & Exam Skill Workshop Secondary School Students (Secondary 3 to 5)

School Tuition

Secondary School Geography Tuition 

Our In-House Memory Expert

All of our memory courses & workshops are conducted by our memory expert, Mr Sancy Suraj Singh.

A winning and inspirational, dynamic workshop facilitator, and compelling storyteller, Mr Sancy Suraj Singh has worked with a variety of both public and professional organisations around the globe. His passion for the subject emancipates his goal of helping his participants and students.

Sancy’s unique and motivating memory courses are also well known for their high-quality training content. He also took part in the World Memory Championships in 2011 and also held the World Record for the longest colour sequence memorised.

Some of our Past Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best organisations right here in Singapore:

Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board, Housing & Development Board, HealthPromotion Board, SingTel, ING Bank, Raffles Hospital, AIA.

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Memory Article

The human mind resembles a machine which works legitimately when it is reasonably kept up and fed. Not at all like some other machine, the memory of a human mind can’t be expanded by any mechanical ways. Presently anybody can request that how enhance our memory? There are sure strategies to improve the remembering energy of our cerebrum.

Approaches to enhance our memory

1. Mindfulness: A man must be mindful with a specific end goal to recollect something. On the off chance that the fixation is missing, at that point it is difficult to recall whatever he/she has heard or seen.

2. Identifying with a well established truth: If a man gains another data, at that point the least demanding approach to recollect it is to relate it to any more established reality. For instance if anybody’s protection number is PT11502, at that point it can be difficult to retain it right away, however in the event that that individual’s better half’s portable number finishes with 20511, at that point it would be simple for him to recall the protection number. At whatever point he would attempt to recollect the protection number, he would relate it to his significant other’s versatile number.

3. Rehashed practice at little interims: It’s optimal to practice another data at short interims with the goal that a man can recollect it over the long haul. The rehashed recognition of the reality or number or word or data would influence the cerebrum to practice all the more productively and thus, the individual would have the capacity to recall it in future.

These three little advances would reply to the topic of “How to enhance memory”.

Like any machine can have an issue whenever, our mind can likewise neglect to recall a reality which we may have heard a while back. This is known as here and now memory misfortune or amnesia. This transient memory misfortune essentially occurs because of maturing.

The memory change should be possible in various ways

1. Legitimate Sleep: Lack of good rest and over-burden can bring about memory misfortune. So a decent rest is an absolute necessity to hold the remembering limit of the mind over the long haul.

2. Utilization of fish oil vitamins: Vitamins got from angle oil (omega 3) are great healers of memory misfortune. Satisfactory utilization of fish oil vitamins can help in memory change.

3. Playing amusements: By including oneself into playing diversions like baffle, sudoku, disorders can expand the intellectual competence to remember things. These diversions are a decent exercise for the best possible working of the cerebrum.

4. Activities and great nourishment propensity: Doing yoga or basic activities frequently inside the bustling calendar and having legitimate adjusted sustenance for the duration of the day can counteract memory misfortune.

So simply take after these and have another enhanced memory.

Did you imagine that the mentalists are having a few privileged insights which are empowering them to show mind blowing feats.The just mystery is the remembrance system and nothing else.And these ought not be considered as insider facts at all on the grounds that there are numerous books that exhibit a lot of memory change techniques.You simply need to get them and practice them everyday.A huge slip-up done by individuals wanting to enhance their memory control is the expanded reliance on the memory pills and nothing else.If you are believing that lone the memory pills are sufficient for memory improvement,you are totally wrong.The methods for memory change work the best for everybody and you will lose a great deal of advantages by exclusively depending on the pills.Just on the grounds that rehearsing these procedures requires some serious energy does not mean you should shun them completely.I comprehend that individuals may be hesitant to spend on these strategies each day.But actually you simply need to spend not very many minutes to take in each of the technique.There is no compelling reason to peruse the whole book in one day.Slow and enduring wins the race similar to the case with numerous different things throughout everyday life.

More factors for memory change:

Some different variables that assume a crucial part to improve the memory control are:

1. abstain from food and

2. physical activities,

3. calm personality.

The third factor recorded above is an imperative thing and it is an absolute necessity for everybody to lead a peaceful life.Stress not just goes about as an obstruction to enhancing the memory control yet in addition influences a few different elements of our body.This can discharge cortisol and thusly influence the working of the neurotransmitters.

In the event that you have to review something that you learnt only a couple of moments back, to perhaps 2 minutes prior, you are utilizing your fleeting memory. Numerous variables influence your fleeting memory, otherwise called working memory. Understanding, or monitoring these components can help you significantly enhance your short and long haul memory. On the other hand, there are likewise strategies and procedures that will reinforce memory. Components that influence memory incorporate pressure, absence of rest, absence of activity and absence of legitimate supplements fundamental for appropriate cerebrum working.

It is imperative to have the capacity to de-push in the event that you have a distressing activity or an unpleasant family condition. De-focusing on methods incorporate body kneads, long showers, and hanging out with companions. Admission of B-complex vitamins, zinc and foliate can frequently enable you to adapt better to pressure.

It is critical to have the capacity to get enough rest for appropriate cerebrum work. A decent eight hours of rest is imperative for here and now memory change. At the point when push is keeping you from nodding off, a some chamomile tea or warm drain can now and again do the trap. Exercise additionally does ponders for here and now memory. A morning or night walk or run frequently serves to de-push a man and conveys oxygen to the mind.

In the present workplace, it isn’t extraordinary to mult-assignment in a vocation. Being compelled to deal with at least 2 assignments at any given minute will constantly drive the cerebrum to center around more territories and prompts here and now memory misfortune. This again prompts the subject of pressure and its administration. Having the capacity to be situationally mindful of the current task, and remaining alarm is the best alternative to recalling things on a fleeting premise.

The viability of mental aides being utilized to help here and now memory has been a questionable issue. In any case, it is as yet the best method to be utilized when attempting to review immense measure of data that has been go down in a short space of time. Specifically, an investigation with youngsters with learning incapacity has demonstrated its viability.

To enhance short memory, it is basic to realize that memory utilizes mental helpers to set off certain physiological reactions. The mental aides incorporate pictures, sounds, hues, tastes, smells, touch, dialect and feelings. The vast majority of them are identified with the faculties. Partner a wonderful, alarming or clever picture, shading or sound to a specific data encourages individuals to review better.

When the mental aides have been learnt and comprehended, there are ventures to be taken to enhance here and now memory. At the point when a man chooses to retain the things he or she take in, the inspiration prompts upgrade of the memory. Utilizing existing data while remembering new ones is additionally an approach to enhance here and now memory.

The capacity, and similarly essential, the inspiration to show another person the new data learnt is one method for reinforcing here and now memory. Additionally, re-orchestrating and sorting out data is a technique to enhance here and now memory. Recording data, perusing out load, tuning in and seeing connects with more than one sense in the meantime. As it were, including bright outlines, kid’s shows, graphs to a content expands the remembering speed.